School Uniform

At Le Hérisson we have a relaxed, informal and practical school uniform which we encourage children to wear.

In addition to the important safety and practical benefits, uniforms help children to feel a greater sense of belonging to a particular school and create an identity for that school in the community.

We appreciate that for some families the idea of a school uniform may be a new concept. For that reason we have a small list of seven items available to purchase, they are: Bookbag, Rain Jacket, Jogging Bottoms, Polo Shirt, Shorts, Sweatshirt and a very cute Woolly Hat.

Samples of the uniform are available to see in the school office.

You can place your order directly with our school specialist uniform supplier, AlleyCatz.

We hope that having a uniform will make it easier for you getting your little ones ready for school in the morning!

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