Pastoral Care

To us pastoral care is more than just having a policy talking about what we will do.

At Le Hérisson we do.

The pastoral care and the well-being of all is paramount.

In childhood emotional health and wellbeing influence cognitive development and learning, as well as physical and social health and mental wellbeing in adulthood.

The Department for Education recognises that, in order to help pupils succeed, schools have a role to play in supporting children to be resilient and mentally healthy. Our team of well qualified staff embrace this responsibility and will support your child’s individual needs, encouraging and helping them in every aspect of their learning journey.

Key to their development at Le Hérisson will be forming new relationships with both children and adults and learning about managing their own feelings and behaviour.

Our care and support also extends to you as parents and we are always happy to lend a listening ear if the need should arise. We run regular parent seminars on a variety of health and wellbeing issues. Please contact us if there is a topic you would be particularly interested in learning more about.

Our school policies include: Mental Health and Wellbeing, Health & Safety, Privacy, Safeguarding and Child Protection – in relation to prompt action and wider concerns of vulnerability and SEND – where a pupil has an identified special educational need. If you would like copies of any or all of these policies please contact the school office.

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