French is the best language to study for future job opportunities

The Telegraph published an interesting article last week, (November 6th, 2019) on the top languages to learn and the benefits of multilingualism. We were absolutely delighted to read that French is the most sought after language for graduates with 54 per cent of employers saying that the language is useful to their business.

The article reports that:

“Language skills are more sought after than ever, given the potential impact of Brexit on British industry, according to the CBI/Pearson Education and Skills Report 2018. “The need for languages has been heightened by the UK’s departure from the European Union,” the report states.

The British Council has also stressed the need for young people to learn a foreign language in order for Britain to become a “truly global nation”.

At Le Hérisson we are committed to continuing to provide a successful, immersive French/ English bilingual education. You will find more useful information on bilingual education in ‘Bilingual Resources’ on our website but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information on our bilingual curriculum.

You can read the full article, ‘The best languages to study for future job opportunities’ here.