Why consider a bilingual education at Le Hérisson for your child?

Many studies have shown that speaking a foreign language improves the functionality of the brain and is a great asset to the cognitive process.

The skill of speaking a different language challenges the functionality of the brain and children who study foreign languages can perform better in maths, reading and vocabulary tests.

In their most recent Languages for the Future report in 2017, the British Council listed the following as the most important languages for the UK’s prosperity: Spanish, Mandarin, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Dutch, Portugese, Japanese and Russian

Our experience and expertise in providing top quality French education enables us to offer a completely immersive French and English bilingual education for all pupils, irrespective of their linguistic experiences to date.

Our staff working in the Bilingual Early Years benefit from the expertise of our French teachers across the school to assist both French and English speaking children to acquire another language.

For more information on bilingual learning you may find the following websites and articles useful:

This TED-Ed lecture and video contains important information on the benefits of a bilingual brain. It explains that the brain of multilingual individuals not only looks different from those who only communicate in one language, but it works differently too.

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